• Most Expensive Gold Rolex Watch

    The 7 Most Expense Gold Watches By Rolex

    Most Expensive Gold Rolex WatchFor targeted gold buyers, Rolex watches not only have a prominent identity, but they are believed to be one the the best valuable brands in the world. Those who encounter these watches are able to easily define the durability, efficiency, and impressiveness of this gold jewelry. Rolex carefully designs its every device, making it the largest single luxury watch brand across the globe. Let’s examine the most expensive gold watches by Rolex.

    1942 Rolex Chronograph

    With a hefty price tag of $1.16 million, this letter-strapped watch is rated as the most expensive Rolex in the world. Composed of baton numerals, seventeen jewels, and pink gold Arabic, Rolex only designed twelve of this unique edition.

    Rolex GMT 116769TBR

    Composed of 18K white gold with an Oysterlock clasp, this impressive watch comes in at $485,350 and consists of a wave diamond dial and 76 brilliant diamonds. The silver-colored bracelet is a top accessory of the richest people in the world.

    Gold Rolex Oyster

    This Rolex draws in a tremendous amount of attraction with its beautiful 18K gold dial and map of India. January 26, 1950 is written into this $440,000 watch as it represents the event of India’s first Republic Day.

    Rolex Daytona

    Composed of 14K champagne gold, this attractive and silky dial can easily show off someone’s wealth. With a $106,273 price tag, this watch has three interior sub dials fitted with black enamel and seventeen jewels. Only 200 models were developed by Rolex.

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

    Featuring a royal black design with 18K white gold case, this Rolex contains 60 baguette black sapphires, bezel edges, and end pieces set with diamonds. With a list price of $83,850 you can rest assured that the diamond hour markers will draw attention.

    Datejust Special Edition 116 Dia Bezel

    This special edition Rolex contains an 18K white gold case and bezel set with 116 diamonds. The Arabesque diamond design with the Pearlmaster bracelet runs upwards of $65,146. The rhodium dial adds an additional touch to this watch.

    Ladies White Gold Diamond Pave

    With a case that measures 26 millimeters in diameter and made of 18K white gold, this watch is beset with 150 diamonds including a diamond pave dial and accented diamond band. At a price point of $109,350, it is considered the most expensive ladies Rolex.

    When someone mentions the name Rolex, they automatically think of luxury watches that carry a significant cash for gold value. Known for holding their value, these watches account for billions of dollars in revenue each year. Both men and women are holders of these highly sought-after masterpieces.



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  • Drones

    Drones: The Must Have Tech Gadget of 2016


    The tech world is currently abuzz about a popular new gadget that is making its way into the hands of action sports junkies, high-profile filmmakers, and gadget enthusiasts alike. While the tech world is all abuzz, this specific gadget makes a buzz all on its own. That’s right, drones are the must-have tech gadget of 2016.

    Unorthodox Origins

    What began its life as a military invention for a variety of purposes surrounding aerial reconnaissance has now become a staple gadget in the hands of self-respecting techies everywhere, and the variety of recreational and professional uses for this technology range from incredible and novel to surprising and useful.

    #Drone #Photo by @unclescrooch #Amazing #Aerial #Shot #Love #Drones #Dronestagram #Nature #Beautiful #Clouds

    From Film-Making To Aerial Photography

    Photographers and filmmakers are using drones with on-board cameras to help them nail spectacular shots that would otherwise be available only to those with specialized equipment such as helicopters or mechanical lifts. Now, these artists need only grab hold of drones (which range in price from ridiculously affordable to absurdly expensive, depending on make and model) and their imaginative ideas can come to life with the flick of a switch. But they’re not just used for artsy shots and film-making. The photographically inclined have begun using these incredible gizmos to record fantastic footage at weddings, sporting events, hikes, climbs, and other adventures.

    World’s First Auto-Follow Action Sports Drone

    Extreme Sports – Extreme Shots

    Extreme sports junkies have also taken to filming their wild antics with these versatile gadgets, and the footage which has been compiled by even the most amateur teams has been stunning to say the least. A two-person duo can now record what previously took a well-trained crew of several, armed with nothing but high-quality phone cameras and relatively inexpensive drones. In surfing, skating, snowboarding, and nearly every other sport you can imagine, some of the hottest footage on the web (and found in advertising) has been taken with drones, GoPro cameras, and cell phones, and as this tech gets better the possibilities are only improving.

    Not Just For Pros

    General gadget enthusiasts are raving about the fun they’re having with these devices, and from the practical applications they offer. RC Hobbyists have taken to racing them, as well as using them for pranks, stunts, and general fun, and they have the internet videos to prove it. Some gadget lovers have even begun using them for utilitarian purposes such as retrieving stuck objects from high places (be advised, your proverbial mileage may vary).

    The Must-Have Tech Gadget of 2016

    The wave of the future does not come unopposed, however. Recent FAA decisions and court rulings have begun regulating the use of drones. Don’t let that stop you from getting that awesome aerial shot you’ve been dreaming about, though, as the FAA guidelines are easy to check and follow. One thing is for sure: these are the must have tech gadgets of 2016 and beyond.

  • Mens Fashion Trends 2016

    Hottest Clothing Trends For Men 2016

    It’s not a coincidence that I’ve been running across a lot of Don Draper lookalikes recently. It seems like the trend in men’s clothing is more Cary Grant that Eminen. Meticulously put together gentlemen attire is taking over the sloppy, just rolled out of bed look that has been popular for the past years. Many women around the world are breathing a sigh of relief. Men are now looking dashing and handsome again now that the mid-century fashion styles are coming back this season. Here are some ways you can incorporate the latest trends to your wardrobe.

    Everyday Suits

    Last year was the return of the sports coat and this year is the return of casual suiting. Suit dressing is no longer for formal affairs; they are now part of everyday dressing. Casual suits in lighter fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are big fashion trend this summer. You can also combine a sports coat with colored jeans or trousers. The double-breasted coat also showed up in a great deal of runway shows and designer collections for this season.


    The most comfortable shoe to ever exist is making a big combat this year. A wide variety of loafers and driving moccasins in different kinds of materials have been showing up everywhere. I would recommend that you invest in a nice pair of loafers this season. They are an excellent investment because they are on trend, provide ultimate comfort, and are a timeless classic that you will be able to use for many years. If you want to look even trendier, you can buy a luxurious pair in velvet, ostrich leather, or embroidery.

    Black and White

    Another big trend this season is dressing in black and white. This is a very easy trend to follow using the clothing that you already have. Pair a crisp white shirt with black pants or loafers. If you are feeling bold, you can pair white pants with a crisp white shirt. You can also make the look more dramatic by keeping accessories, such as shoes, scarves, or cross body bags, in the same color family.

    Easy Fit

    Good news, this season men will no longer have to suffer trying to squeeze themselves into skinny jeans and body hugging shirts. Men’s clothing with a loose and relaxed fit is back. Trousers, khakis, and shirts with an easy fit are back this season. You have to be cautious with this look because you don’t want to look sloppy. Balance loose fitting pants with a more structured shirt of sports coat. Boat shoes and loafers are the perfect pair of shoes for this look.

    If you love to keep up with fashion but often struggle when putting together an outfit, there are many websites that can help. You can find pictures of what other men are wearing on Pinterest or other fashion blogs and base your outfit on theirs. You can also subscribe to online men’s clothing or fashion magazines that will keep you informed of the latest trends.


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  • Business

    Improving Yourself Through Healthy Weight Loss And A Lifestyle Change

    There’s a good chance you know a few people that have lost weight and changed their lives. Weight loss is powerful. It helps you reclaim yourself. It helps you come out of your shell a little more, and you begin to feel more confident. Losing weight can be an immense challenge. If you have over 100 pounds to lose, then it becomes even more intimidating.

    Measuring Your Options

    Some people need that extra push to help them with weight loss. It’s not easy to shed the pounds alone. When you hit a plateau, it can cause backfiring. Your doctor may recommend some options for you. Those that truly need it can opt for gastric sleeve surgery. This type of weight-loss surgery has come a long way in the last decade. Advanced technology has helped it improve. It’s more efficient and safer than it was. It also provides long-lasting results.

    Remember that you do have to be eligible to receive gastric sleeve procedures. If you are not eligible, then there are other methods.

    Regardless of what option you choose, a lifestyle change is required. You will be forced to look at yourself and examine the daily choices you make. The great news is that it will feel amazing.

    Maintaining Success

    After you lose the first few pounds, you will begin to feel happier and more motivated. Exercise will become a large part of your life, and you will start to enjoy it. As more pounds melt away after surgery, you will be able to do things you could never do before. This feeling is unlike any other. Being able to tie your own shoes is priceless. Being able to walk around a crowded mall effortlessly is one of the best feelings. Your confidence and self esteem will grow.

    While losing the weight, it is important to measure all of your success. Don’t focus solely on the pounds lost. They are not always consistent. If you are living healthfully, then you will get to your goals. Measure your success based on how you feel. Measure success based on how clothes feel when you try them on. Let people compliment you. Relish in those rewards.

    Reaching Your Goals

    Reaching your goal weight after gastric sleeve surgery will take awhile, but it will be the greatest experience of your life. You will feel healthier, stronger and happier. Inner confidence is hard to come by, but you will have it. You will have worked hard for it. While these surgeries do help in a huge way, you must be committed to the long-term goal of health.

    Some of the most remarkable results at the end of your weight-loss journey will be your blood work and feelings of pure happiness. Lower cholesterol, managed diabetes and normalized blood pressure are some of the most major benefits of losing all the weight. It’s even more enjoyable to share your experience with others.

    The sooner you get on the path to weight loss, the sooner you will reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

  • Sports

    Will Sports Collectibles Stay Popular?

    Everyone’s seen stories of that elusive hundred-year-old baseball card that sold for a ton of money, or the signed basketball from some famous player that was worth enough money to send a kid to college, but not every piece of sports memorabilia is destined to stay popular. Several issues impact the overall popularity of a particular piece of sports memorabilia. It’s vital to consider several details before making a big purchase on something like hockey collectibles or other sports memorabilia.

    Factors Impacting Value

    One of the defining elements of whether a particular type of sports collectible will remain popular over time is the number of items created initially by the manufacturer. When an athlete is a huge star and commands a giant paycheck, he will usually have tons of licensing deals where millions of pieces of memorabilia are created. This means that the value of those pieces might not be that high because of the tremendous volume present in the marketplace.

    Another factor that impacts whether something like hockey memorabilia is going to increase in price is whether a certain amount of pieces of memorabilia survive after the first few decades of use. Something like a hat will probably last a long time while a flimsy card probably won’t last as long since it’s fragile. If a particular type of memorabilia becomes rare over time, it might increase in value.

    There is also a difference in value for sports collectibles that were created originally at the time of a sports star’s career and those that were created as replica items a few years down the road due to a player’s popularity. Sometimes an individual will need to speak with an expert on the subject of collectibles or memorabilia so as to determine whether an item is a replica or an original piece.

    Research and Price Points

    When looking to buy a piece of sports memorabilia, it’s important to do some research on the type of piece to be purchased, especially if it is for purposes of collecting or investment. Just because a piece of memorabilia has something on it from a famous star, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever be valuable. Knowing which types of memorabilia will become valuable over time, will also guide the purchasing process and grow the investment more quickly.

    Buying pieces for fun probably doesn’t require the same level of research, but knowing a little about how memorabilia might grow or decline in value can help a person to spend their money right. Knowing a little about a particular piece of sports memorabilia also helps to ensure a person can spend their money right and not buy pieces that are too expensive. There are a number of helpful websites and dealers online who may help with this research.

    Buying from Reputable Sources

    Some types of sports memorabilia suffer from rather high rates of fraud, and for this reason it’s important to make sure that purchases of collectible sports memorabilia are made from legitimate sellers. It’s difficult for a regular fan to tell the difference between real pieces and fraudulent items, so working with an actual dealer online or in a shop is recommended for the purchase of any actual collectible piece.

  • Health

    How You Can Have Your Own Personal Gym At Home

    It can be difficult keeping fit these days with all of the rushing around we have to do in our daily lives. Making time to go to the gym on a regular basis is sometimes almost impossible. Gym memberships can also be expensive, and with all that money spent it can be easy to end up feeling guilty for not keeping a fitness regimen going. One option to try is to put together a home gym, one we can use when our schedule permits, whether it’s early morning, late night or somewhere in between.

    Fitness Equipment Costs

    One of the biggest obstacles to having a home gym is the cost of all of those machines. Is it possible to put together a good workout without going broke in the process? The answer to this is a simple yes. By careful planning and choosing the right equipment, you can build a home gym that will meet your fitness needs without breaking the bank.

    What Should You Buy?

    The most important rule to remember when buying home fitness equipment is to make sure you buy something you know you will use. If you’re trying to save money by working out at home, buying something that will eventually turn into a clothes rack isn’t a good idea. Late night infomercials constantly advertise the newest exercise machine that can be yours for just $24.99 a month. That sounds reasonable, but are you sure that machine is what you need? Chances are, your needs aren’t as expensive as what some of those machines cost.

    Taking Inventory

    The first thing you should do is take a look around your house. There’s a good possibility that you can find items to use in your garage, basement and even your kitchen. Unless you just have to have a set of dumbbells, you can use cans from your pantry as weights that will be just as effective. A chair can serve as an excellent aid to doing bending and dips, while a length of rope or cord can be turned into a jump rope.

    Purchase It or Make It?

    Depending on your budget you can easily make items that might cost more when purchased. If you want to use a self-massage tool without spending a lot of money, look for foam rollers online. Other ideas include tennis balls for massages and iron pipe for lifting. You can opt to buy equipment; just monitor sites that offer competitive pricing. Sticking with the basics ensures you’ll get what you need without spending too much money.

    Moral Support

    Maintaining a fitness regimen can be difficult, especially if you decide to exercise at home without friends to encourage you. You can find online fitness enthusiasts on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to keep yourself dedicated. Sites like DailyBurn can help you meet exercise buddies as well as help with your diet. Changing to home fitness equipment may be a trend for the future as our lives evolve and adapt to meet exercise needs.