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    4 Little Known Secrets That Prevent Obvious Home Break Ins

    Home break-ins are a headache because an individual’s home is regarded as their safe space. It is where the family comes together after a long day at school or at work. Most people also store their valuable items and documents in their homes. It is only natural not to want persons who have not been given consent to come into the houses because they might want to steal from them. Burglars target different people for various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to take precaution and invest in a good locksmith to avoid theft through break-ins that are of an obvious nature.

    1. Utilize The Locks That Have Been Installed

    It is very common for people to forget to lock their doors when they are leaving their houses or even when they retire to bed at night. Most burglars use either the front or the back doors as their points of entry into the targeted homes. By leaving the door unlocked, this gives the thieves easy access to the house whereby they do not have to use forceful means to get in. A lock that has a heavy-duty look to it will deter the burglar from even attempting the break-in because they know such locks can withstand any attempts to enter the home.

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    2. Avoid Obvious Key-hiding Techniques

    Statistics have shown that out of every eight burglars one may use a key to the house to access entry.  It is thus important not to give them an opportunity to acquire the key by not hiding the key in accessible locations. For instance, under the doormat or a flowerpot. These are obvious hiding spots. In cases in which it is necessary to leave a spare key near the home, agree with the other residents on somewhere that is not easy to discover but that every family member can familiarize himself or herself with.

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    3. Buy a Security System

    A security system may be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. However, in the end, it serves to save the homeowner money. This is because if the system can keep the home safe through the alerts given in the event of a break in, the items were stolen that would have cost money to replace are kept safe. The alarm that goes off when a burglary attempt is made is off-putting to these individuals. Some companies offer cost-effective services with their systems, and it is up to the homeowner to scout for the company that will match their financial capability as well as their needs.

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    4. Storing Valuables Out Of Plain Sight

    A burglar’s biggest concern is taking the shortest time possible to break into and leave the home. They will, therefore, be keen to find valuables left out in the open such as money, electronics or jewelry. By leaving such items out in the open, this makes their work easy. By making it hard to find the things, this reduces the chance for the valuables to be stolen.

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    The Mixed Messages You’re Sending Employees Without Knowing

    As an employer, it is essential to understand that when you give your employees mixed messages, negative emotions are bound to dominate. Mixed messages will often trigger the receiver, and the results of this could include employee disengagement. As a leaser, give room for your emotional detectors to guide you because this will make you more aware when sending mixed messages to your employees and you will correct yourself promptly. You can also make the use of the Predictive Index to evaluate yourself better. This article enumerates some mixed messaged that you are sending to your employees without realizing.

    1. Having a Favorite Employee

    Sometimes, you might have a favorite employee without you realizing. This could be the person that is reliable, hardworking and you have a personal relationship with them. In the workplace, this is not advisable because it may make the other employees disengaged. It is essential to treat all of them with uttermost equality so that they can all feel appreciated. When promoting your employees or when appraising them, do this with diligence so that they can all work hard.

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    2. Overworking Specific Employees

    Not everyone in the workplace is reliable. There are those that are always late when it comes to submitting their reports or merely doing what is required of them. However, this does not mean that they should be given less work. You should take disciplinary actions so that they can improve in their weak areas. Assigning the reliable employees all the critical tasks will make the rest feel as if they are good enough and they will be more disengaged.

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    3. Calling Unsuccessful Candidates

    When interviews are conducted, the best candidates will get the job. Many organizations send regret emails or texts to the candidates who did not qualify for the position. When the candidates are called, and you gush about how good they were, it confuses them, and you may come off as an insincere person because they will be wondering why they did not get the job. Just keep it short and professional so that they do not get the mixed signals.

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    4. Giving the Impressions that Time Off Isn’t Good

    Some managers often provide the employees with the impressions that vacations and time off is not enjoyable. All they do is tell their juniors how they should work hard and not relax to have a better life. This could be mixed signals that they are giving their employees because all work and no play is highly discouraged by doctors. Employees need to understand that they should work hard but when they have a burnout, they should take some time off without feeling guilty. Encourage to be the best versions of themselves while still making their physical and mental health a priority.

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    4 Money Management Moves You Should Make A Habit After Turning 20

    If you take a small survey and ask financial advisors in your area the courses the schools need but are lacking most on, the answer you will get almost 100% of the time is “money management courses.” And with good reason as you find that many young Americans have trouble managing their finances. The reason behind this is simple, they lack the basic money management skills. And these are the same skills that they need if they are to learn how to pay off their loans quickly and fully and also start saving money for retirement.

    Most American teens lack the necessary knowledge and skills to help them track their monthly spending and stay ahead of their financial situations. Luckily, this article has compiled a list of money management tips that you can adopt as a teenager at an early age and see your finances fall in line.

    1. Manage your monthly payments

    Start by managing your monthly incomes and expenditures. Ensure you know what your monthly budget is, your rent and mortgage payments, gas and grocery bills, student loans, etc. Great financial advisors advise that you double up on your loan payments. You can also sign up for and use an automatic payment program which will save you time and money every month. Monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your checking and savings accounts to pay off your loans.

    2. Track your spending habits

    You can also develop the habit of checking your credit card statement from time to time. Look at your balance and confirm that everything adds up. You can also use one of the many spend analyzer tools available online to track your spending. This is the easiest way to know where exactly your money is going and by how much. Some spending analyzer tools even categorize your spending so you know where more of your money is going and whether you need to do some adjustments. Tracking your spending also helps you prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring in your account without your knowledge. All the more reason to be checking your credit card receipts.

    3. Check your credit report

    You also need to be checking your credit report from time to time. Remember, your credit report can and will probably affect the kind of Northcash loan you need in the future. That’s if you will be looking to apply for one. Your credit report also shows a detailed summary of accounts like loans, credit cards, and other lines of credit under your name. Meaning that your credit score needs to be accurate at all times. Any false information can land you in big trouble either by the law or even be the main cause why your future loan application is denied. So, ensure your credit report is always up to date and accurate to avoid such inconveniences.

    4. Audit yourself

    Sometimes, it pays a great deal to look at your spending especially on a quarterly basis. This enables you to see if there are ways with which you can also cut back on some of your spendings. And put the extra cash into your savings and investments. You can even use the extra cash for debt repayment. Call it hitting two birds with one stone.

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    6 End of Summer Party Ideas to Get Your Team Amped For The New Season

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    Looking for some end of summer party ideas or corporate events to get your team ready for the next quarter? If so then have we got a list for you. There is nothing quite like being amped to see success come more swiftly.

    Success is intoxicating, and that good vibe and positive energy can be given to other people. Feelings are vibrational. So if you want your team amped for the next quarter and wanted to see more sells and continue to grow your business, then we are sure these party ideas will help with that.

    No need to hire party rentals experts because this list will have you covered.


    6 End of Summer Party Ideas to Get Your Team Amped For The New Season

    # 1 – Water Balloon Party

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    Now before you stop and think “this is childish”  let us explain. Parties are meant to be fun and water better way to finish off the summer than with a water balloon party.

    There is a unity that can be found in pitting teams against teams. And even more, just the sheer idea of being able to relax and have fun is what these events are all about.

    The happier people are, the more creative they become. And the more creative they are, the more productive they are. The more productive they are, the more your business will grow.

    See, there is a genius to my madness.

    # 2 – 5-Star Hotel Party

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    This may be expensive but taking your team on holiday at a 5-star hotel will show how much you value and appreciate them. Having the best of services offered to your team and workers will be a great way to get them ready for another hard wiring quarter; when the mind and body are relaxed work becomes less complicated.

    # 3 – Dance Off Party

    I know this may sound absurd but how amazing would renting out a hall and have a dance-off between teams. The idea of this is to have fun and to have memorable moments. In building a business, it is necessary to create more than the company but also to build relationships.

    # 4 – Entrepreneur Seminar

    Seminars are so crucial for your team. Not only to unite people with more LIKE-MINDED people but even so that they can learn new ideas and get amped. Listening to motivational speaker and feeling that positive energy will be the surge your team needs to start next quarter with a…BANG

    # 5 – New Quarter Ball Event

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    You can hold a quarter ball even yourself or get a party rental planner to help with this event. It can vary, depending on what you may want.

    # 6 – Pizza Party

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    There is nothing better than pizza parties. What is a yacht party to a pizza party? What is a five-star hotel for a pizza party? What is Tony Robbins speaking to your business to a pizza party?

    Pizza parties are the best parties you can have.


    Because everybody… loves pizza.