4 Little Known Secrets That Prevent Obvious Home Break Ins

Home break-ins are a headache because an individual’s home is regarded as their safe space. It is where the family comes together after a long day at school or at work. Most people also store their valuable items and documents in their homes. It is only natural not to want persons who have not been given consent to come into the houses because they might want to steal from them. Burglars target different people for various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to take precaution and invest in a good locksmith to avoid theft through break-ins that are of an obvious nature.

1. Utilize The Locks That Have Been Installed

It is very common for people to forget to lock their doors when they are leaving their houses or even when they retire to bed at night. Most burglars use either the front or the back doors as their points of entry into the targeted homes. By leaving the door unlocked, this gives the thieves easy access to the house whereby they do not have to use forceful means to get in. A lock that has a heavy-duty look to it will deter the burglar from even attempting the break-in because they know such locks can withstand any attempts to enter the home.

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2. Avoid Obvious Key-hiding Techniques

Statistics have shown that out of every eight burglars one may use a key to the house to access entry.  It is thus important not to give them an opportunity to acquire the key by not hiding the key in accessible locations. For instance, under the doormat or a flowerpot. These are obvious hiding spots. In cases in which it is necessary to leave a spare key near the home, agree with the other residents on somewhere that is not easy to discover but that every family member can familiarize himself or herself with.

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3. Buy a Security System

A security system may be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. However, in the end, it serves to save the homeowner money. This is because if the system can keep the home safe through the alerts given in the event of a break in, the items were stolen that would have cost money to replace are kept safe. The alarm that goes off when a burglary attempt is made is off-putting to these individuals. Some companies offer cost-effective services with their systems, and it is up to the homeowner to scout for the company that will match their financial capability as well as their needs.

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4. Storing Valuables Out Of Plain Sight

A burglar’s biggest concern is taking the shortest time possible to break into and leave the home. They will, therefore, be keen to find valuables left out in the open such as money, electronics or jewelry. By leaving such items out in the open, this makes their work easy. By making it hard to find the things, this reduces the chance for the valuables to be stolen.

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