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    Other Types of Toronto Tires

    The importance of Toronto tires in vehicles is very obvious, the tyre is what finally makes traction a reality, it is the contact with the pavement, it is where the suspension and damping of the vehicle is supported, perhaps for this reason there are a variety of types and classifications according to a variety of characteristics in construction, design, shape, behaviour and functionality.

    Types of Toronto Tires

    Low profile

    When we talk about the profile of a Toronto Tires, we refer to the height of the sidewall measured in millimetres, this characteristic is described in the nomenclature, and is determined by the second figure, as a ratio between the width and the height, meaning a percentage of the height with respect to the width, this means that a 215/60-15 tire would have a height of 129 mm, which is what it means in the ratio of the width 215 and the percentage 60.

    For a tire to be considered low profile, it must be in the order of 50 or less, they have some advantages, such as a minor drift, this allows an increase in steering precision when driving through curves, this feature makes them suitable for sports performance cars, but as everything is not rosy, this tire has some disadvantages, the minimum distance on the inner edge and the contact surface is small and harms when falling into a pothole, the tire can be damaged.


    This type of Toronto tires is very special, with reinforced shoulders and sidewalls, it has the advantage of providing a circulation over distances of 50 to 100 km after a puncture that makes it lose air, and allows the development of up to 80 km/h in these conditions, without deformation due to the loss of air pressure.

    It is a very popular type of tire and is used in important models of prestigious car brands.